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I've translated a Help Manual for ColorHCFR, a software for calibration of digital displays. Click the button above.

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Friday January 4th, 2013

Welcome to our portal. After a continuous run of more than 11 years on the web, I have upgraded our server capabilities and have finally installed many of the key elements of our sales site.

A mainstay of LurkHere had been the Technical Support Forums. In the beginning the goal was to help users with all their personal computer questions, at the dawn of our current Century.

Soon we were waist deep in dealing with virus, and Trojan, and adware, and malware issues. It was a nobel task.

While times have changed, and most folks need's have re-defined, we are now re-opening the Forums on state of the art software. The Forum Button at the top of the right hand column will link you there.

You may notice that you will pass through to a sister domain, .

The new forum set will feature categories from both of our sites, LurkHere and ThiStuff. Registration to the forums, also registers you for the features of the Buy ThiStuff sales site.

The concept of Buy ThiStuff, Sell ThiStuff, hopefully is straight forward. Along with our world's other changes, it's become increasingly difficult to achieve what was once a fairly simple task. Place an ad, a classified ad, and move along the extra stuff we've accumulated.

So what I've been developing, is a project to lift good looking, inexpensive ads, that are locally aware.

You enter your zip code, they enter their's and you know how to set up the deal. Pickup or Ship.

Of course you'll have questions... and some will require computer or internet help... and there are some stable forums to discuss all that in.

Anyone can play, and anyone can profit. And clean up that garage, like you were suppose to... while still fooling around, in the chair.

Thursday November 22st, 2012

It is the day we acknowledge how Thankful we are. This year has tested many, but there's no testimonial without the test.

To our friends in the Tri-State; we do absolutely understand what you are going through. It is always as you are experiencing. It will be up to you and your neighbors to fix this. The timetable for fixes is measured in years, not days or weeks.

The fact that we are able to discuss these matters is plenty to be thankful for. Those that have not been as fortunate are in our prayers and thoughts.

It is our stated mission, to make available to you the user, the information and resources that will make the time spent with your PC a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Please use this e-mail for , if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

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